The Whigville Grange Project

The Whigville Grange is an historic building in the heart of the Whigville section of Burlington. The concept of a grange was originated in 1867 as a farmers' association. The Whigville Grange, rebuilt in 1942 has kept its agricultural roots and serves as the headquarters for the Whigville Grange #48. It is used for several events throughout the year including the Whigville Harvest Fest and the Burlington 5K. 


Over the last several years the Whigville Preservation Group and the Burlington Land Trust have raised money and worked hard to renovate the building making it more user friendly for community events. We are in the process of raising money to repair the well since there is currently no potable water coming from the existing shallow well.

Will you help us? Your donation of any amount will contribute towards our goal of $3,000, having received a $1,000 grant from the Burlington Community Fund and the Main Street Community Foundation. The Whigville Grange #48 is pledging $1,000. The Whigville Preservation Group is also using $3,000 from money raised in the past.


You can also send a check to:

The Burlington Land Trust

PO Box 1153

Burlington, CT 06013

Make sure to write "Grange Project" at the bottom left

Free WPG cap for donations of $250 or more

Got Questions? Contact us at

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