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Ready for an Adventure….
Hike Adventure Trail 101!!!

Sunday, March 19th from 1-3:30 pm

Why is it an adventure?  Hike leaders, Alan Perrie and Don Riley, will have participants take turns leading the hike over trails that have no blazes a la style Daniel Boone.  Then hikers will meander the NEMBA White Blaze trail through Sessions Woods.    This White Blazed trail presents its own challenges since there are fewer blazes which require hikers to read the trail to determine which way to go. 

Hike Description:

The hike is a 3.6-mile loop that crosses Whigville Brook twice and wanders over glacial, rolling hills.  Hikers will travel through parts of Sessions Woods that they’ve never seen before.  Here is a link to a more detailed description of the hike with a map.

Starting Point for the Hike:

Participants will park at Sessions Woods Wildlife Management Area, 341 Milford St. (Rte. 69), Burlington, CT and meet at the flagpole.


Goggle directions link:  

What to bring:

Wear sturdy shoes and bring water. Hiking poles are good for balance.

Preregistration required at this link for updates on trail conditions, if necessary.

Please, no dogs.  

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