Sessions Woods Closures

October 17, 2016

NOTICE: As discussed in my June 2016 “Ask Dave” website update, the 8-acre harvest at the Sessions Woods Wildlife Management Area to salvage red pine, thin the area, and take down trail hazards will begin approximately October 21. There will also be a grassy field expansion for habitat purposes in the vicinity.

Duration is uncertain, but the trails will only be closed as long as necessary. Closures will include:

Beaver Pond Trail (the main gravel road loop trail at Sessions) for approximately 3,500 feet from the north gate by the old office building west to the beaver pond. The rest of the loop is expected to remain open. The public would not be able to walk the entire loop temporarily.

The Tunxis Mainline Trail (Blue-blazed Trail), which runs on Beaver Pond Trail for a portion of the closed distance is expected to likewise be closed to the public between Route 69 and East Chippens Hill Road. The Nature Center Connector, a Blue Trail on the south edge of the property, will remain open. Notice of this closure will be posted on the CFPA (Connecticut Forest and Park Association) website, as well.

Mountain bike specific trails maintained by NEMBA (New England Mountain Biking Association) will also be closed in this area of the property for safety, and is being coordinated at this time with NEMBA.

If this plan or the timeframe changes to any degree, another notice will be posted. For any questions, feel free to contact myself, the forester for the project, at 860-379-7085 or 860-462-8961!

Thank you for your patience and bearing with us while we get this important work done. Please respect trail closure signs and flagging, as this is for your safety.


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