Sessions Woods Trails Reopen

ATTENTION: THIS IS NOTICE THAT ALL TRAILS AT SESSIONS WOODS WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT AREA THAT WERE CLOSED DUE TO THE TIMBER HARVEST ACTIVITY ARE REOPENED, as of Thursday, January 12, 2017. This includes the Beaver Pond Trail gravel loop road, and any Blue-blazed CFPA trails and NEMBA white-blazed bike trails that had to be closed for public safety. Thank you for your patience during this temporary inconvenience.

On a more personal note, as the forester responsible for this harvest work, I was alarmed at the great many violations to the trail closure that was observed this fall/early winter. For future reference to any hikers that did that, or considered it, I believe it is important to keep in mind that when DEEP closes a popular public trail, it is for a good reason! And it usually directly involves your personal safety. Wherever tree cutting and heavy equipment use is involved, the hazards are very real. And they are not strictly limited to the hours a logger happens to be working. Active logging is a work in progress, and there could be temporary hangers or debris that have not been cleaned up yet. Or log trucks could enter the area with no warning. Remember that, while admittedly an inconvenient occurrence when it’s your favorite trail, it is a great deal of work to plan and implement a closure by the department, and we would only do that when we feel it is essential for your safety. Thanks to all my readers and friends in the town of Burlington that enjoy the woods as much as I do!

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