Coyote Encounter

“A safety heads-up for Burlington hikers using Blue-blazed Trails north of Punch Brook Road (the Yellow-Dot Blue Trail that heads north from Punch Brook below the town ball fields): While in that vicinity on official D.E.E.P. business June 26, I had a coyote encounter from as close as 100 feet, with a coyote aggressively barking at me. It would not let me pass into an entire area. The area is north to northeast of the end of Mountain Briar, maybe 100-150 yards into the state forest from the boundary line. The zone the coyote was defending is very close to the Blue/Yellow Trail. It occurs at about the point where the Blue Trail stops heading east and makes a turn to the north. I am pretty sure it's a mother defending its den with pups. If you attempt to hike here, the coyote may force you to turn around as it did myself! Note that according to state law, dogs must be on leash at all times on D.E.E.P. land, and under no circumstances do you want to try walking this area with a dog off leash. If confronted, just casually turn around and leave. Don’t run and don’t try to defy or challenge it. The good news is that the pups should be leaving the den within the next several weeks, and by mid to late July, the territorial display should end.​

Thank you, have a good summer and be safe!

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