The DEEP Fisheries Division will sometimes shoot at the Punch Brook Ponds on Punch Brook Road to keep predators from killing fish being nurtured by the hatchery. All shooting is across the ponds and toward the north into a steep bank. As a result, Punch Brook Trail (CFPA's Purple-Dot Trail) must be moved to the ridgetop above and the trail section that currently dips down the hill and close to the ponds must be abandoned for public safety. Any unapproved bike trails that happen through the area must also be abandoned. Any trail must occur in this area beyond the ridgetop overlooking the ponds, for safety. Shooting will not occur until the trail is satisfactorily closed on the ground. Look for signs, trail blocking, and official notices to be posted as spring approaches. The full reroute cannot be cut and blazed until the ground finishes thawing and dries out somewhat. Notice of changes should also be posted on the CFPA website eventually, and look for further updates here. Thank you for your attention and patience as these changes are made!

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