Vertical Mile Challenge


The VMC invites new and returning hikers to climb 5,280 feet. Hiking a Vertical Mile in Burlington is significant because it is like going up and down the Empire State Building twice. You don’t do this in one day, since it can be completed in less than 8 days with the longest hike being 3.2 miles Check out the 24 great hiking options in Burlington. Click here to download more information and an application.


After completing a Vertical Mile, mail in your application. You will receive your award patch after National Trails Day. You will also receive additional certificates if you complete more than 1 Vertical Mile this year.

Connecticut Century Corps


The CCC challenges hikers to experience 100 trail miles in Connecticut, with a focus on the Farmington Valley: Burlington, Barkhamsted, and Farmington. These towns offers unique experiences on over 80 loop hike options (325 miles). To add more variety, any of Connecticut’s Blue-Blazed Trails are also included.


A 100 miles is about the distance across the northern border of Connecticut. If you have an injury or other problems, you can combine 2 or 3 years of hiking. There are over 80 loop hike options on a total of 325 miles. Click here to download more information and an application. After mailing in your application, you will receive your awards after National Trails Day.

Farmington Valley trailhead locations use latitude & longitude directions since there is rarely a street address. For example, cut & paste this location into a Google Map search:  41°43'57.8"N 72°57'19.4"W. On Google search Satellite view and you should see the parking lot next to the flagpole at Sessions Woods.  Add your own address for detailed directions. The trail maps can also be useful in locating the trail-head.

Plan your hike by exploring all your choices from the 3 town lists found on the links below, & downloading the map page. Put it on your cell phone or print it out. Check the Trail Report for any updates.


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Both programs are free to Burlington Land Trust members. If you're not a member you can join by clicking here.