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The Whigville Preservation Group.

The Whigville Preservation Group is a permanent committee of the Burlington Land Trust.


The mission of the Whigville Preservation Group is to preserve and protect the agricultural heritage of Whigville, both its farmlands and woodlands, for future generations.  


Their commitment is to the fundamental American principle of respect for private property rights, and to an abiding community-wide appreciation for the agrarian character that has defined Whigville for more than two centuries.


We will pursue this mission through the dedicated efforts of community volunteers, partner organizations, and our town government.


We will work to create and support education, research, and outreach activities that increase understanding of and appreciation for Whigville agriculture, open space, and history.


A guiding ethic of the Whigville Preservation Group is to embrace a collaborative approach in trying to achieve goals of conservation and preserving Whigville’s agricultural heritage for future generations.


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